Sweet Block Family,

We're so grateful for your support! 

If you're feeling generous, you can tip our food drivers here 

Here's how our pre-order services work: 

1. We are only accepting online orders

2. A flat delivery fee will be applied to all orders 

3. Delivery services will be offered every other weekend 

4.  Delivering to Montgomery and Prince George County - MD

5.Our menu items will become available to pre-order 2-3 days before the delivery date. 

6. Orders will begin to process at noon - deliveries will be held from 1-5pm. You will receive an email confirmation when your order is "processing" followed by a "shipped" for delivery notification. Kindly allow a 60 minute wait time after receiving the "shipped" status on your order. 

Note that drivers will begin delivering orders by distance. Please be patient as our drivers drive city to city.



As we are practicing social distancing please note the followings: 

1. Drivers will only deliver

(for inquiries please contact us)

2. Drivers will be protected at all times with gloves and masks

3. No cash tips are allowed - if you're feeling generous kindly use our tip donation tool.

Please be patient with us as we figure out this process! If you have process improvement suggestions, please send an email to sweetblockco@gmail.com

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